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petrichor :)
“How dumb would we look in front of Allah for judging people of the sins He has already forgiven them for.”
Sunday, 18 August 2013 at 08:44

I hate you my soul is missing. I know you took it. I miss smiling and happiness is an outdated concept. Karma will come for you with a baseball bat, and when your blood stains the earth, I will smile. I built my castle and I will also tear it down. If you had a heart I would eat it, if you had a soul I would steal it. But I’m not cruel so I’ll just leave you alone.

Saturday, 17 August 2013 at 07:20

if only i can write down the good things i should be doing and actually do those things, life would be a blissful walk in the garden.

but my heart. oh my heart. and my mind.
oh how they fight.
my mind wants a medical degree.
my heart says lets travel the world instead.
my mind wants me to stay away from the things that make me sad.
but my heart throbs and aches whenever i ran. like a junkie, i keep coming back for more. more drugs. more sadness.

if only i know what a person actually thinks when he told me loves me.
then i wont be second guessing, over-analyzing everything.

if only i can make up a scene of a future in my mind and then set my path to it and eventually reach there.
then i wont have to be so unsure. so confused. so sad. just so so sad.

if only i can be happy.